Audio player for kids

The gift of music - just for kids

Melodisq is a new kind of audio player for the age of tablets and smartphones.

Songs and stories are accessed via physical tokens - disqs - that any child can use: just swipe to play

Designed for young listeners

Melodisq is simple to use for young children:

  • Step 1 - Grab a disq
  • Step 2 - Swipe it
  • Step 3 - Enjoy!

Customize your disqs

Add songs from Spotify or your own MP3s.

Print a cover or decorate your disq by hand.

Disqs also come as stickers : stick one to a book, record yourself reading it, and voila, you have your own audio book!

Back to simpler pleasures

We believe the players of our childhood were a simpler and better way to discover music and stories.

Melodisq has no screen, won't expose your children to ads or to inappropriate content.